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Martina Hamberger


"Representation of the sensuality of a body. Heads as an expression of character.
Play of colours and shapes. Color combinations often strong, impetuous, yet subtle abstract structures that stimulate imagination and emotions."

To the rubric painting
Martina Hamberger


The imaginative play with three-dimensional abstract forms and different materials, such as glass, bronze and wood, which is worked with the chainsaw.

To The Rubric Sculpture

About me

After graduating in business administration, I found that my interest in art and painting was more in line with my abilities and inclinations.
In my studies with Markus L├╝pertz, Jerry Zeniuk and Hermann Nitsch I not only got the necessary equipment, but also countless suggestions for my future work. My goal is to express emotions, passion and joy of life.
In many pictures different motives unite. Therefore the viewer often has room for an individual interpretation. Sometimes the pictures are created in one go, spontaneously and unreflected in a short time. Often it is a longer process in which the picture, through intuitive, spontaneous reaction to what has already arisen, forms itself and enters into a dialogue with me. This is how a picture develops that was previously unforeseeable. I like to experiment with different materials and impressions of life, which I want to express in my works.

"The paintings of Martina Hamberger are very direct, they are colorful, and they have a subject that ist often hidden, only to be discovered with time. This subject, whether figure or landscape, is secondary to the visual power of her composition. It is the gesture and color combined that seems to jump out of the painting into the room. Only later do I realize that these colors came from subject matter interest. Because they are so direct, the pantings are present in the room, in the moment, and because of the subject, they gain tension and meaning."
Jerry Zeniuk, Munich 2015

"Martina Hamberger's painting is an exuberant. Strokes, circles, surfaces are the objects of Hamberger's painterly research. The colour palette of primary colours, black, white, hardly any intermediate tones is just as direct as their characteristic short, strong gestures. Hamberger's paintings can almost be read like individual sentences, like the testing of theses. Sometimes perhaps formulated as a question, often as a clear statement, sometimes a brief provocation, and then again mischievous chattering.
Other paintings, in their appearance of a formal reflection, of a note, suggest a process of artistic formulation inherent in playful lyricism. Thus Hamberger's work oscillates between lightness and playful stubbornness, and allows us to participate in a lively experiment."

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